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Former Wonder Girls member Sunye will be joining singer Kim Bum Soo, on his concert tour in Canada this summer. This weekend on August 13, during the soloist’s first stop in Toronto, Ontario, Sunye joined Kim Bum Soo on stage. Together, the two singers performed a special duet of Kim Bum Soo’s song “Man and Woman”.




Kim Bum Soo’s current concert tour in Canada, titled “2016 Kim Bum Soo: 17 Years Old”, will have two stops – the first at the Massey Hall in Toronto last August 13, and the next one next week at The Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, on August 20.




Sunye is currently living in Canada with her husband and two children. Her special guest appearance at Kim Bum Soo’s Toronto stop marks the first time the former Wonder Girls vocalist has appeared before the public, since her marriage to Korean-Canadian missionary James Park in January 2013.

Buy tickets here and find more information about Kim Bum Soo’s next concert stop in Vancouver on August 20 here.


Watch Kim Bum Soo and Sunye’s duet here:


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