Girl group f(x) member Luna is also making her own solo debut in a few days. Luna will follow Amber in becoming a solo artist within f(x), and Taeyeon and Tiffany who later became solo artists after being girl group members for several years. Luna will release her debut mini album titled “Free Somebody” next week on May 31.


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Luna’s debut mini album includes a total of 6 tracks, including the similarly titled “Free Somebody” title track. Luna previously released a solo single “Don’t Cry for Me” as a member of f(x). Luna is well-known for her unique and powerful vocals as the lead vocalist of f(x) and for being a consistent top-ranking contestant in singing showdown shows like “King of Mask Singer” from MBC and “Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend” from KBS2.




f(x) also successfully concluded their first concert tour titled “Dimension 4 – Docking Station”, which visited cities in Korea and Japan, earlier this year, from January 29 to February 28. Aside from their concert tour, the members have been promoting f(x) mostly as individual members this year, after releasing three full-length albums, one album per year, since 2013 – “Pink Tape” in summer 2013, “Red Light” in summer 2014, and as a reformed four-member group, “4 Walls” last year in October 2015.


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