Luna of Asia’s pop dance group f(x) made her solo debut today with her first mini album, titled “Free Somebody”, with the title track sharing the same name. Earlier last week, Luna’s record label, the entertainment industry giant SM Entertainment, announced their plans for Luna to promote as a soloist.


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Several image teasers were released showing Luna’s unique concept last week, and the teaser video came out on midnight of last Sunday. Luna is the second member of f(x) to debut as a solo artist, after fellow member Amber made her solo debut last year with “Beautiful”, title track “Shake That Brass”. Amber also recently released several new songs in the latter half of this month, “Crossing”, “On My Own”, and “Need to Feel Needed”, and “Borders” last March. Amber and Luna also released a song together, “Wave”, for the SM Station music series.




Luna will be rocking the music show stage in the coming weeks, at the same time that labelmate Tiffany from Girls’ Generation is promoting her solo debut song “I Just Wanna Dance”. f(x) have lately been focused on other activities, with Victoria busy with her acting career in China, Amber and Luna on their music, and Krystal with acting and other singing gigs. f(x) last made a group comeback in October 2015 with their 3rd full-length album “4 Walls”.


Watch Luna’s solo debut “Free Somebody” video here:


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