On May 18th, Amber released the MV for her new solo single “On My Own”. Similar to “Borders,” the other solo single she released earlier in 2016, both are song of striving hard and taking hope.

“On My Own” is a warm ballad song with a touch of pop. Amber composed the song along with Gen Neo. Her life experiences are described in every lyrics of the song. That’s not all, Amber is also a good director in handling her music video, and making sure that every scene is appropriate on what the song tells.

amber on my own

Rough times do come in everyone’s life. Fight to survive, and never let it weaken your spirit. That’s the message from “On My Own,” and Amber message to all of her fans.

F(x)’s Amber has been a very passionate solo artist, this year. And, it’s still not clear whether Amber will be going solo or remain a member of her Kpop girl group f(x). Along with the release of “On My Own,” Amber has created a solo YouTube channel.

In addition, Amber released a poster labeled “Crossings.” On it she crossed out the name of her first single of 2016, “Borders,” and also wrote “On My Own” on it. Crossings must be Amber’s next solo album, and the first two singles are “On My Own,” and “Borders.” So fans can expect more releases from Amber in the near future.

amber crossing 2

Amber recently shared her plans on taking “On My Own” to her fans all around the globe by coming up with an English and Korean version of the song. The English version is released on her YouTube channel, while the Korean version is on SMTown’s YouTube channel.

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