Considered the longest trainee in JYP Entertainment by taking 15 years to debut, G.Soul released his second mini-album called “Dirty” on May 12. The first single off the album is the reggae infused and fun vibe, “Far Far Away.” The MV co-stars a cute and adorable dog that G.Soul plays dress up with.

The MV also shows G.Soul cooling off on the beach, relaxing and taking comfort, away from being heart broken. The MV starts when G Soul is walking on the beach along with his dog. Also, a comedic rabbit mascot takes in the scene on the beach. G Soul and his dog wore Hawaiian printed shirts.

gseoul far far away 2

“Far, Far Away” is definitely for someone whose heart has been broken, but keeps it cool in handling the heartache. It tells how someone likes to go far away from the girl who broke his heart and taking some time off to recover.



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