Listening to G.Soul is like watching fine wine age, slowly. It’s excitement that doesnt overwhelm, and is anticipatory of all the savory moments of bounteous eargasm he steadily delivers. And his lastest single, “I’ll Be There” is another manifestation of the rich pedigree of music he makes.

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Filled with soulful morsels of musical delight, G.Soul in “I’ll Be There” pours out cup after cup, paying close attention to every single drop of lyric and melody.

Intoxicated, but not drunk, we can only sit back and marvel at his unvarnished talent, resourcefulness, and teneciousness in an industry that momentarily rewards those who would fit in. But then promptly discard them, expeditiously.

Well G.Soul is not some cheap wine sold in a box. He is fresh and vintage in the same breadth, making music that continues to uplift and soothe.

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