‘Ga In’ does love song with ‘Jeff Bernat’ called “Pray”


Ga In has teamed up with Jeff Bernat in new song “Pray”. Their voices blend so well for this song and Jeff Bernat really brings that R&B, Jazz feel the song seems to go for. The song talks about someone hoping to spend time with the person they like but not having the courage make the first move. They know how they feel and what they want to say, but just not how to say it.

The video shows a girl just trying to talk the guy she likes, but she just doesn’t know what to say. The video goes through all the things she does to get the courage to get his attention and all the things she hopes to do with this guy. Of course she doesn’t really make the move, but the surprise ending will make up for all of that.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

See for yourself here:

A member of girl group Brown Eyed Girls, actress and entertainer, Ga In has released 6 mini albums as a solo artist with much love and acclaim. Jeff Bernat is a Filipino-American singer, songwriter and record producer who has received attention in South Korea and has many successes as an independent artist.

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