Brown Eyed Girls member and solo artist Gain is back. This week on September 8, Gain released her newest music video for “Carnival (The Last Day)”. The song is the title track of the first part, titled “End Again”, of her two-part full-length album.




Gain released three preview videos for “Carnival (The Last Day)” over the past few days, together with several image teasers showing her new concept.

The first part of Gain’s new studio album, “End Again”, features five new songs, including title track “Carnival (The Last Day)”. The second part, titled “Begin Again”, will be released by the solo artist at a later date.




Gain returned to the music show stage on KBS Music Bank today September 9, in addition to holding a showcase for “End Again” .


Watch Gain’s new video for “Carnival (The Last Day)” here:


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