Galapaghost – aka Casey Chandler – is back on the scene, this time with his brand new record, “I Never Arrived”. Along with his latest CD, he also dropped music videos for the hottest tracks on the album – “Science of Lovers” and “Salt Lake City”. Federico Puttilli also contributed to the mixing and recording of the 12-track LP.


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The 12-track “I Never Arrived” LP is Galapaghost’s third album so far, and it will truly be a defining work to represent his art in the years to come. The record opens with “Mazes in the Sky”, a track that mixes the guitar and Casey’s vocals to soothe you and get you ready for the rest of the album.

The LP then transitions to “Science of Lovers” and “Salt Lake City”, the two tracks that were chosen for Galapaghost’s music videos shot in the field. The lyrics of “Science of Lovers” explore the themes of discovering more about yourself and the accompanying worry as one seeks and experiences love. The music video is focused on Casey as he dances solo, as the scenery around him changes.

“Salt Lake City” then amps it up a notch, rocking the electric guitar and the drums. The video features Casey singing out his anthem while rolling with the guitar at the same time – at a steady pace, under a stone building surrounded by grass. The next number, “Mister Mediocrity”, shows him run with the synthesizer.


In the next track “I Never Arrived”, sharing the same title as the record, Casey switches it up with an acoustic guitar and noticeably more sugary lyrics. In the next round with “The Greatest Roommate”, Casey brings out a semi-rant on the experience of living with that roommate – for a song that people with that kind of roommate will definitely relate to.

Cut to the next track – in “The Secret Our Bodies Keep”, Casey gets serious and real, talking about wounds from the past and the struggles endured. Roll to “Bloom”, Casey takes up what seems to be a more hopeful, positive tone at first glance – but a tinge of envy can be felt somewhere there, as he sings about how people around him are blooming in a remarkable way. Three tracks that come before the finale – “Vitamin D”, “Somewhere”, and “Goodbye (My Visa Arrived)” – round out the album.

In the closing song of the album “Our Place”, Casey wraps up his deeply personal LP, moving forward with a ukelele for a song that will touch the hearts of listeners and give a satisfying conclusion to a refreshing first listen and backdrop for all future listens of the album.

Galapaghost “I Never Arrived” Tracklist:
1. Mazes In The Sky
2. Science Of Lovers
3. Salt Lake City
4. Mister Mediocrity
5. I Never Arrived
6. Vitamin D
7. The Greatest Roommate
8. The Secrets Our Body Keeps
9. Somewhere
10. Bloom
11. Goodbye (My Visa Arrived)
12. Our Place


Casey took inspiration from the styles of Folk, Americana, Experimental, and Alternative Rock – and this collection of bangers has sparks that resemble the sound of Midlake, Espers, Iron & Wine, Low Roar, and Simon & Garfunkel. Casey wrote the composition and lyrics of all 12 songs, with the exception of “Mazes In The Sky” and “Bloom” – he worked on these with Federico Puttilli.

The arsenal of musical instruments played by Casey Chandler, aka Galapaghost, include an acoustic guitar, vocals, piano, bass, synths, drum programming, and a typewriter. Federico Puttilli, with whom Casey worked with on this album, plays electric guitars, acoustic guitar, the ukulele, and the egg shaker. Alessio Sanfilippo, another musician who helped with the record’s production, plays the drums.

Galapaghost aka Casey Chandler hails from Woodstock, New York, which the artist himself described as a “small hippie town”. He graduated from SUNY Purchase in 2009, with a degree in Music Production. The artist is currently based in Austin, Texas, where he continues to pursue writing music and frequently playing at local shows.


His first ever album “Runnin'”, released back in January 2012, was fully recorded within the 4 walls of his bedroom. He released his debut record under Lady Lovely, an indie label in Italy. Casey successfully toured the Southern European country the same month to promote the album.

Casey then made a comeback the next year, releasing his second album “Dandelion” in October 2013, also out of Italy – working with Ru Catania and Federico Puttilli. Casey dropped his latest musical work, his third LP “I Never Arrived”, earlier this year in January 2016.

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