‘Gallant’ & ‘Eric Nam’ With ‘Tablo’ Drop Honey-In-Your-Ear In “Cave Me In”


Eargasm is the word being thrown around the internet upon the release of this tripartite RnB single of pure smooth, honey-dewdrops in your ear.

With Gallant‘s indomitable vocals taking the lead in the first verse, the tapestry of the song lifts you high into a star-filled night sky, in this love song replete with lyrics of exasperation. As Tablo provides an anchoring texture to the vocal landscape, in a rapped second verse, the night sky get’s a little bleak.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Love’s either got you over heels or overdosed
It’s got you off your feet or on your toes

It’s got you digging it or your grave
Love’s got you mad about or just about mad
It’s got you in a crush or it’s got you in a crash

Everything that you had into pieces
But love becomes clear when in pieces
What you couldn’t see and hear during peace is
Why a heart becomes years into pieces

But, then that lovelorn sinking feeling, eventually get’s rescued both by Eric Nam‘s closing verse, and the visuals of the lovely Liane V.

Girl, cave me in, I won’t say it again, I want you

Produced by Lophiile, a west coast based producer, the beat liberally utilizes contemporary urban RnB flavors anda little synth to tie it all together. The video was filmed in Honk Kong. Watch the full version, below:

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