Folk rock meets pop artist Gert Taberner, hailing from New York, is making waves with his latest EP, “Fallen”. The album was released last September, featuring three very deep and meaningful tracks – along with a music video for the lead single, also titled “Fallen”.

Listen to Gert Taberner’s “Fallen” EP and get it playing now:

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Each of the three songs on “Fallen” builds on the message that Gert wants to share with the world: his deep desire for more intimate relationships with his fellow human beings, a hope that the current state of things will change, and more intimate connections will become the reality. Yet, deep down, with his accumulated experience up to this point in his life, he feels that it’s very unlikely that this will even happen. Gert’s very personal sound has been compared to artists like Damien Rice, The Lumineers, Passenger, Kodaline, and Hozier.

Gert Taberner’s “Fallen” EP begins with lead single “Fallen” – the music video really brings out the story and depth of Gert’s song. The video opens with two lovers, who are later revealed to have broken up during a dinner date together. The boyfriend is out in nature, gazing out into the lake, while the girlfriend is in her home in the middle of the city.

Between the emotionally moving scenes of the two lovers, Gert plays his guitar slowly – cautiously brushing deeply on the strings, yet bursting with emotion as he sings his song. The guy then ends up pausing somewhere downtown, while the girl stops in the middle of nature. The spots that the two walk and run through look like they were special places to them – places where they had their most treasured moments with each other.

Gert’s emotionally charged, very personal, and optimistic yet desperate direction, reaches new heights with the next song on the record, “In Need”. The second track gradually transfers to the spotlight to the instruments – drums, guitar, and more – compared to the very vocals-centered “Fallen”. Still, Gert’s voice, what will all its depth and power, continue to lead the music to where his heart wants to go.

“Places” wraps up the EP with a huge release of depth and sadness, as well as a tinge of joy in there. It’s like Gert finally decided to let it all go and did. Yet, it looks like he really hasn’t, and is still hanging on to where he was before. The final track’s got some more upbeat tunes in there, and a hint of funk, along with prominent touches of pop and R&B – highs in a sea of seeming lows. David Tallarico, based in New Westminster, British Columbia, shared his mixing and mastering talents and worked with Gert on the record.

Track Listing:

  1. Fallen
  2. Places
  3. In Need

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Check out Gert Taberner’s music video for “Fallen”, too:

Gert Taberner takes the lead with the vocals and acoustic guitar. Behind the scenes is his crew, rocking their own instruments – Sawyer Junger on another acoustic guitar and the lead guitar; David Tallarico on the bass; Sina Maloufi on one more lead guitar; Nick Babey on the drums; and Jaclyn Turville’s got Gert’s back with the backing vocals. Last but not least, David Tallarico is in charge of Production.

About Gert Taberner:

Having grown up in Germany while being exposed to English-speaking culture ensured that, shortly after finishing school, Gert Taberner moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, where he cultivated his musical abilities, especially in terms of songwriting. With his music, he strives to compensate for what he feels interpersonal relationships these days lack or misinterpret: the concept of intimacy.

After completing work on his first record, he set off seeking different challenges, which led him to New York, where he is currently located and has released his first published work. Heavily influenced by the likes of Damien Rice, Paul Simon, and many more, the songs on his debut EP “Fallen” seek to convey yearning and hope, contrasted by a strong sense of disillusionment.

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