Unless you live in the Houston area, there may be a chance that you’ve never heard of the hip-hop duo 3BUBBLE & J.GRAY. Once you listen to their latest album “Pentagon Memoirs”, you’ll definitely remember these newcomers – and they’ll leave you wanting more!




Set for release on September 5, the 13-track production takes on various vibes – from after hours, slow jams to golden hip-hop – delivered in the spirit of Public Enemy No.1 (through the third track “Back-to-Work”).

Some efforts such as Bulletproof and Vogue boasts out-of-sight, Oukast-esque arrangements –but more fresh, respectfully warped and even more explosive.




From his early childhood, music was in Cleon Solomon’s (3Bubble) and Justin Andrew Gray’s (J.Gray) veins… and it was pure fate when the two met.

They clicked, just like the two last pieces missing from the puzzle, and wasted no time releasing their debut effort, “Live from the Pentagon” back in May, receiving praises across the web.

Their releases to date were born out of frustration for receiving lack of love and support from their hometown of Houston, Texas, a place they’ve been in love with all their lives… but they don’t need to be part of the clique or follow the crowd, as their latest album sets them apart and above from the rest.


Listen to 3BUBBLE & J.GRAY‘s latest album “Pentagon Memoirs” here:


Listen to 3BUBBLE & J.GRAY‘s first album “Live from the Pentagon” here:


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