GFRIEND released the full MV for their first full album, “Navillera” on July 10. The members have finally graduated from their school uniforms and have matured into cute retro girls in the music video!

GFRIEND have announced that there will be a concept change in their new album “LOL.” Although fans were worried about the concept change, they will be assured that there is nothing to worry about after watching the MV. The members are popping with their positive energy and powerful dance moves in the new video!

The song “Navillera” got its title from a famous poet Cho Chi Hun in South Korea. “Navillera” is a word describing the movements of a fluttering butterfly. The choreography in the MV incorporates the butterfly gesture throughout the song.


“Navillera” is as song about the will to pursue love with courage and a sincere wish to start a bright future with someone you love. It is written by Igi Yong Bae, the group that produced the past three title tracks for GFRIEND: “Glass Bead,” “Me Gustas Tu,” and “Rough.”

In the MV, the members are dressed in colorful vintage pleated skirts and roller skates. You can see themes of friendship, adventure, and love throughout the video.

GFriend_Navillera11 GFriend_Navillera14

The highlight of the music video features GFRIEND’s signature dance breakdown with an energetic guitar solo. Overall, it looks like GFRIEND had a blast making this MV. Check out their “Navillera” MV below and send LOTS OF LOVE to their new album!

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