Rookie girl group Gfriend just released the highlight medley, or the video that features short clips of all the songs on their upcoming album, today for their first album “L.O.L.”. Gfriend will be making their comeback next week, performing two songs, title track “Navillera” and album track “Gone with the Wind”, on music shows. Gfriend will release their album tomorrow on July 11.




Gfriend’s upcoming album “L.O.L.” will feature 12 new tracks, including an album intro and title track “Navillera” and its instrumental: “Fall in Love”, “LOL”, “Distance”, “Water Flower”, “Mermaid”, “Sunshine”, “Compas”, “Click”, and “Gone with the Wind”.




Earlier this week, Gfriend released the music video teaser for “Navillera”, and before that released a whole host of teaser images from their first album “L.O.L.”. “L.O.L.” will be released in two editions, in accordance with the album title’s two meanings, “Lots of Love” and “Laugh Out Loud”.

Gfriend will also be taking a break from promoting their album on music shows in Korea toward the end of the month, to head on over to the United States to perform at the KCON 2016 Los Angeles event, which take place from July 29 to 31 at the Staples Center and Los Angeles Convention Center.


Watch the highlight medley for Gfriend’s first album “L.O.L.” here:


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