On June 29, GFriend shared image teasers for their upcoming album “L.O.L.” Source Music (GFriend’s agency) commented, “On July 11, GFriend will be coming back with their first full album, “L.O.L.”” They added that significant efforts have been put into this album and that fans will be able to see growth within the group. A showcase will be held on July 11 to introduce their new album to the fans and the press.

The name of the album “L.O.L” has a dual meaning: laugh out loud or lots of love. According to their agency, GFriend is planning on showcasing two different concepts within a single album. GFriend’s trademark concept has always been power innocence. All three of their mini-albums so far have portrayed the members as innocent schoolgirls. It has been six months since they released their hit title track, “Rough,” and fans are excited to see what different concept GFriend will be coming back with.

GFriend revealed image teasers through their social media accounts today. The teasers include photos with members as well photos hinting the album’s image logo. Looking at the photos of the members, it is evident that the members have grown out of their schoolgirl uniforms wearing. Instead, they are wearing bright colored shirts and shorts. Hair styling variations are also noticeable among the members. Eunha’s hair is noticeably short with and addition of adorable bangs. Overall, everyone has as a brighter tone to their hair.


The two image teasers for the album logo are rather unclear. I suppose this was done to increase curiosity and excitement among the fans. To me, it seems like one is a picture of balloons and another with a bouquet of flowers.

GFriend_LOL GFriend_LOL2

Enjoy the image teasers for GFriend’s upcoming album, “L.O.L” and stay tuned for more details on GFriend’s comeback!

GFriend_LOL7 GFriend_LOL6 GFriend_LOL8 GFriend_LOL3


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