Gfriend’s adding a refreshing splash of youth to this summer’s comeback craze! On August 1, Gfriend unveiled their music video for “Love Whisper”, the title track of their fifth EP “Parallel”. Gfriend go on a countryside trip in the video, listening in for the signal as they explore several scenic places in nature.

Watch Gfriend’s new music video for “Love Whisper” now:

The music video for “Love Whisper” begins with Gfriend just chilling in their home. The rookie girl group suddenly hear something, and gather a wide array of equipment before setting off for the countryside. Gfriend ride a train, cross a real long bridge, and scan the forest and fields, before finding out what was sending out the signal all along.

Gfriend tell the listener all about the “Love Whisper” in the lyrics. It’s like a two-way street, where Gfriend keep an ear out for a signal that’s like a loving whisper, and also want to whisper their love themselves:

I can hear it from anywhere
If I open my ears
When I open my ears
To the trust you have in me
Like your eyes that twinkle
I’ll tell you a precious story

Open your ears
Our unforgettable voices and stories
Are filled with my heart for you
That fluttered like a dream

…I will tell you more today
I’ll gather my heart and fill it up

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