Gfriend just returned to the stage for their summer comeback with “Love Whisper”! Gfriend also released two videos, for the music video filming and shooting of the album jacket, to go along with the music video. Gfriend playfully have fun, share lots of the moments behind the scenes, have mini-interviews, and more.

Watch what went down behind the scenes of Gfriend filming their “Love Whisper” MV now:

Gfriend open up their “Love Whisper” behind the scenes video outside the train station, ready for another round of intense dance moves and powerful, energetic choreography. The BTS video this time shows a lot more with 15 minutes.

Gfriend then move on board the train, that’s parked with all the staff setting things up for that scene in the music video. Gfriend then go on the platform and walk along the train tracks, before going up the riverbank and then on the roadway to the fields. Next on the schedule is Gfriend dancing on the pond, and filming the “Love Whisper” ending scene by the huge tree.

Everyone on set then move to the countryside home, and Gfriend head out on the trail to the woods, where they sit on director’s chairs and play around with each other and talk about how everything’s doing so far. Gfriend then return to the house, where they toy with some of the things inside like a cactus, pendulum, and skateboard. Gfriend and all the staff then get together in the living room for a beaming group picture, and Gfriend don’t stop having fun after the snapshot.

Watch Gfriend shoot the photos for their “Parallel” album jacket and cover now:

Gfriend dress up in their casual, sporty outfits in the “Love Whisper” album jacket video, as they check out their very own polished photo printouts where they’re wearing the same thing. Gfriend stay in the countryside home the whole time, and go exploring the place while the staff is busy with setting things up for the filming to go smoothly.

Gfriend go to a room with jewels, enjoy the fresh air in the kitchen that looks like a garden with all the plants there, chill by the picnic table outside, sit at the foot of the stairs, and crash on the living room sofa. Gfriend also stop by the balcony, and play around the glass door that leads outside.

Gfriend later switch to go in sync with pink outfits. The rookie girl group wrap things up with grace, as they thank the staff for successfully producing the music video and shooting the photos, and also say farewell to the viewers and fans.

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