KCON 2017 NY broke lots of records last weekend, setting a new record for the biggest international K-pop convention, with nine artists performing during the festival.

Eight K-pop groups and one solo artist made waves at last week’s KCON NY. One of the two girl groups who attended is Gfriend, the rookie girl group who’ve already gotten lots of fans and chart-topping singles, in just two years since their debut.

The first part of Day 1 of KCON 2017 NY, June 23, wrapped up as last Friday’s booths and the daytime events closed on a high note. The Red Carpet got the night started in an exciting way, with the fans getting all hyped up, as they finally saw their favorite idols live, right before their eyes.

Danny Lim, an actor and personality who found his voice and audience on YouTube, played the host for the opening of the big night’s concert. He spiced things up as he stacked onto the invisible, yet powerful connection between fans and stars, as he asked the K-pop artists who flew halfway across the world burning questions, whose answers international fans waited for with thrill and anticipation.

Danny didn’t hold back one bit, as he asked if Gfriend were excited to once again meet international BuddiesGfriend’s official fandom – who went all the way to the New York metro to see them.

Danny also opened things up for Gfriend to tell him and all the fans in the huge crowd about their style and the particular outfit they chose for the Red Carpet occasion. Gfriend rolled on the stage with little black dresses, fitting perfectly with the crossroads they now find themselves in: moving on into more mature and retro concepts, from the youthful and simple theme they’ve been running in the scene with since their debut.

Danny didn’t catch a photo backstage with Gfriend, but he got a great opportunity with Twice, the other girl group at the NY convention:

Gfriend performed three numbers live on stage for the fans at KCON: “Rough”, “Navillera”, and “Fingertip”, the latest three singles and their biggest chart-topping songs to date. “Rough” is usually thought as the last single in line with their youthful debut concept; “Navillera” as their gradual transition to a concept that matches better with the young adults that Gfriend have become; and “Fingertip”, Gfriend’s latest single, is their first all-out mature and retro hit song.

One thing that let down a lot of Buddies was the absence of Gfriend’s lead dancer Yerin, who’s currently in Indonesia filming for the SBS variety show “Law of the Jungle”. Still, the other five members of Gfriend went all the way to the East Coast, gave their all, and showed fans a good time.

Sowon is the leader and eldest member of Gfriend:

Eunha and Yuju are two lead vocalists of Gfriend:

SinB and Umji are the youngest members:

Check out the massive gallery of pictures right below that GMM shot on the KCON NY Red Carpet, and this collection is just all Gfriend. Stay tuned for our upcoming coverage on the other four Day 1 artists – KNK, Zion.T, Highlight (formerly B2ST), and SF9 – rocking it and connecting with fans at the epic pre-concert event.

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