Giggs is back with yet another sure-fire hit, giving the people what they want with straightforward, no-nonsense, no visuals banger Rap Gustavo

The track has a real old-school grime feel to it, with Giggs keeping it as real and honest as we’ve come to expect from the Peckham native.

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The Hollowman lives up to his name, creating an eerie vibe as his chill voice crushes bars on top of an at-times gospel-feel track.

MAC’s just there, Now the trap’s not far bro, Shit’s already breaking bad, Man I’m the Rap Gustavo, Man smacked through radios, Like crack through cargo, Man I’m the rap Gustavo, the rap Gustavo.’

This one is not for the recognition or for the money. This one is for the streets.

Check out Rap Gustavo here:

Warning: Explicit content

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