0:05 Reporter: Where are you coming from?
Giriboy: Dentist!
I got cavity!
I brush my teeth everyday
Tooth got rotten!
0:10 Giriboy: Can we go now?
Reporter: Can you hop on back seat?
Giriboy: OK
0:14 Reporter: Why did you suddenly text us?
Giriboy: To promote my new album
I will utilize The ICONtv!
Reporter:You said that you didn’t like this music(background music
Giriboy: Please turn off that music….background music, I hate it
so much.
0:21 Giriboy: It’s playing right now, right?
Bbam bam babam babammm~
Please turn this off!
0:29 Hyukjin Lee(PD): Where are you going?
Giriboy: To give my CDs~
Where is my CD?
Do you wanna see this?
It’s revolution that this it is enrolled in music website with
this kind of picture.
0:37 Reporter: Did you give CD to other people here?
Giriboy: I already gave them.
Hyukjin Lee(PD): Go dump this!
Narae Shin(Brand Manager): I use it as coaster..
It’s good cause it’s strong!
0:49 Giriboy: Hello!
I’m here to give CD to Girin.
Girin(New Jackswing Singer): I needed something to this shaking chair anyway.
Oh, I saw his music video, ‘Roundtrip 30 minutes.’
Giriboy: Oh really? How was it?
Girin: Em….em….just….
Giriboy: Yes!
Good bye~
1:05 Reporter: You like Suzy very much, isn’t it gonna be good to give your CD?
Giriboy: Suzy?
Reporter: Will we be able to meet her?
Giriboy: Yes!
Finally, it’s the time!
Reporter: But the artice that says Suzy and Lee Minho are dating just came up. It’s sure that they are dating.
Giriboy: Sorry?
I think we should turn off that music.
Please turn this off.
What am I gonna do with this?
There is no reason I give this to Suzy now.
What am I gonna do…

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

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1:27 KISUM: Thank you!
Giriboy: Let’s go!
KISUM: I like the song, ‘How are you?’
Giriboy: How are you?
How are you…..?
KISUM: Did you drink?
I’ll listen to this!
But what is this on CD?
Oh, you came here to me cause you couldn’t meet Suzy….
Giriboy: I was messing with KISUM.
But she’s doing well now.
I hope she works harder.
I hope everyone who is doing Hiphop to be successful!
1:47 Japanese fans: Can you take a picture with us?
Giriboy: Sure!(in Japanese)
You didn’t buy my album. Why?
Japanese: Thank you…..(in Korean)
1:55 Reporter: There is a dessert shop called Remikon over there.
Shall we go there?
Giriboy: Ah~~Shall we?
Is it here?
2:00 Yerim Kim(Brand Director): Hello!
I was listening to ‘Roundtrip 30 minutes’ all day!
Giriboy: I’m here to give my CD!
Yerim Kim(Brand Director): We’re gonna make ‘Giriboy Day’!
2:08 Giriboy: Hello!
I’ll give you my CD.
I’ll write your name on it too.
Reporter: How’s the feeling that you’re getting this CD?
Yeji Choi(Brand Director): So great!
2:15 Giriboy: She’s pretty.
I was taken back she’s pretty!
Reporter: How was today?
Giriboy: I feel great
Cause I was giving….
I hope good thing happen from now on…
2:27 Giriboy: Let’s go!
Soothing myself…
I’m gonna forget Suzy and that girl.
2:34 Giriboy: Do you want this?
You guys did hard work today…
Reporter:Thank you…..
You did great!
All: Good bye~



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