Fiestar will make their comeback tomorrow on the 9th, with their second mini album “A Delicate Sense” that features “Mirror” as the title track and music video.


Comeback Promotion Picture. From Naver
Comeback Promotion Picture. From Naver
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It’s been a year since their last comeback with their first mini album “Black Label” and title track “You’re Pitiful”. Yezi has helped promote the group with her solo album “Foresight Dream” with title track “Cider” last January, but this time the entire group will return to the stage.


Mini Album Track List. From Naver.
Mini Album Track List. From Naver.


In the mean time, while excitedly awaiting the release of both the music video and album, check out the teaser below for their upcoming music video on 1theK’s YouTube channel. After that, listen to audio clip previews of the tracks  from the latest album over at Naver TVcast. Fiestar’s content is produced and distributed by Collabodadi, a sub-record label of LOEN Entertainment.


Teaser video for Mirror on 1theK’s YouTube channel
Audio preview for A Delicate Sense on Naver TVcast


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