Big Hit Entertainment’s girl group GLAM officially disbanded yesterday, on January 14, 2015 after just three years. Today we take a look back at their short, yet bright career.


GLAM (an acronym for GirLs be AMbitious) debuted July 16, 2012 with the song “Party (XXO).” The music video, released three days later, was a colorful spectacle with dancing in the street, fireworks, and featured the five original members: Miso, Zinni, Dahee, Park Jiyeon and Trinity. Excellent vocals, unique rapping, and Zinni’s awesome break dancing made the song a strong platform for the group’s success.

Party (XXO)

Following the release of Party (XXO), member Trinity dropped out of the group, leaving a fierce foursome to continue under the GLAM name. While restructuring the group, videos were uploaded to the official GLAM YouTube page, such as a Jiyeon and Zinni dance clip, highlighting strong and formidable dance moves. The dance clip left fans a little surprised, because it was contrary to the pretty girl image exuded in their previous releases. Also, a behind the scenes look at their 1st fan-meeting was uploaded to the page.

Video teasers of GLAM’s next single came out in December of 2012, and the group ushered in the new year with “I Like That,” released on January 2, 2013. The song, with a catchy and addictive chorus, was a breakup song that loudly proclaimed “it doesn’t suck that bad to be alone,” and was a 180 degree contrast from what most girl groups at the time were saying. “I Like That” would later crack one million views, and currently sits at close to 2 million views on YouTube.

I Like That

The video is cheeky and fun, and interspersed with enactments of the lyrics (killing the bug dance, for one). And, we get shots of Zinni doing head spins! GLAM would later perform this song with a Vocaloid. The four girls also released a “remixed,” fun, creative and quirky parody of the song, calling it “I Like Jordan.”

I Like Jordan

Two months later, GLAM released “In Front of the Mirror.” A change-of-image came along with this comeback. The girls showed a softer, more feminine side, although in a poking-fun kind-of-way. “In Front of the Mirror,” is the story of a girl who doesn’t see herself as pretty. Everyone says she’s cool, but all she can see are her imperfections. Their vocals shine through in this song, which is more jazzy pop than hip hop inspired.

In Front of the Mirror

The video features a lot of white background, the complete opposite of their previous videos which were extremely colorful. It also highlights a lot of common things girls everywhere struggle with, when it comes to body image. In one scene, we see Miso kicking her heels off despite wanting to look taller. In another one, while changing behind a screen, Zinni accidently pulls out one of the cups she used to stuff her bra. We then see her, embarrassed crawling on the floor to pick it up. The group managed to portray a serious message without losing any of their trademark cheekiness.

Although the girls obviously were full of potential, “In Front of the Mirror” was the end of GLAM’s journey. While the hurt from their disbandment is still fresh, there is one thing that we can’t forget. They were given the name GLAM in the hopes that they would create bright, ambitious music. That being said, we wish Zinni, Jiyeon, and Miso all the best of luck in their future endeavors, and hope they continue on the path to stardom. And, we wish all that and a lot more for Dahee, who we hope will find a way to emerge stronger and a better person from this unfortunate situation.

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