Girls’ Day released a special MV for “Perfect Stage” on October 1 through their official YouTube channel.

The music video for “Perfect Stage” was made in collaboration with a hair cosmetics brand, Mis-en-scene. The MV features all four members of Girls’ Day as glamorous ladies getting ready to be on the “Perfect Stage.”

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They eventually move up stage once they are done getting their hair and makeup ready. They perform the dance song “Perfect Stage” under dynamic lights in the club.


Each member show off four different hairstyles. Minah has a voluminous ombré hair. Hyeri has a blonde and straight hair that is named “vanilla gold.” Yura’s long and thick “chocolate brown” hair is in beautiful waves. Sojin’s wavy hair is named “dusty ash” is perfect for the fall season. Overall, they all look so fabulous!


After the release of the MV, many fans left comments about wanting to see the group make a comeback. It’s good to see Girls’ Day members all together in one shot, I feel like it’s a little treat for the fans while they wait for the group’s official comeback.

Check out Girls’ Day’s MV of “Perfect Stage”

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