It’s been a heck of ride for the 8 (+1) members of Girls Generation, since their debut back in August of 2007. Acknowledging this amazing accomplishment, especially for a girl group, they have released the MV teaser for a second lead single “All Night,” from their anniversary album – making it a double feature on August 7.

“All Night” isn’t a departure from their lead single “Holiday Party.” It’s glamorous and amorous. Depicting the girls continuing the festivities they started in “Holiday Party.” But, this time indoors on the dance floor.

The sound, again is like “Holiday Party“, is upbeat and vibrant.

Girls Generation began the roll out to their 10th anniversary comeback on July 23, with individual teaser from each of the members. Yoona first, then TiffanyYuriHyoyeon, Sooyoung, SeohyunTaeyeon and finally Sunny.

Don't mind me, I just flew through wonderland and now dancing in a #summerstorm☀️⚡️ 😜

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Former 9th member, Jessica, is also celebrating her 10 year anniversary with an EP appropriately title “My Decade“. She released the track list and teaser on August 2nd.

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