The 8 (remaining) girls of Girls Generation are celebrating their 10th anniversary in grand fashion with two MVs, “Holiday Party” and “All Night.” Two different styles, with two different concepts, but the same energy, smiles, and charisma that have kept their fans coming back to them, through thick and thin.

In the title track of their anniversary album, “Holiday Party,” Taeyeon naturally makes the first appearance, setting the tone and direction of the song, as usual. Then Seohyun, Sunny, Yuri, Yoona, and Sooyoung.

With Tiffany yet to make an appearance, it was no surprise that during the group dance break, Tiffany lead the bridge. After the chorus, Hyoyeon picks it in an elevator with a short rap verse. From then on, everyone makes an appearance in groups.

“Holiday Party,” is youthful. But, maybe a bit too youthful. It seems to take off from where “I Got A boy” left off way back in 2013, with similar colorful outfits, teeny styles, and glamorously over-lit sets. But, this time with pop music, instead of hip hop.

Their last comeback album was “Lionheart” in 2015. And, it allowed the girls to show elegance and growth, even though it kept the hip-hop elements from “I Got A Boy.”

Well, kpop is a mostly youthful pursuit, nowadays really. But, it’s often nice to see Kpop stars portray more mature or deeper concepts.

My favorite part of the song, is Seohyun’s bridge towards the end. It was vibrant, and felt sincere.

All Night” came in the form of a documentary, over 7 minutes long. Yoona started this one, which seemed appropriate. Because, her teaser for the comeback, which was also first, was the most emotional.

The sound of the beat in “All Night,” harkens back to the days of disco, but with a fusion of funk that made it really exciting to hear.

There seemed to be a greater emphasis placed on vocals here. Because, at the beginning once Taeyeon takes up the song, there is a sense of purity in sound that comes across.

Yuri’s immediate appearance, after Taeyeon is a bit of a surprise. She is not considered one of the vocal talents in the group. But, it all made sense, because she immediately takes the song in a new direction than where Taeyeon normally goes with her high soprano that provides grand excitement.

Yuri turns the the track in the opposite direction providing a soothing and balmy sensation with her lower notes. Yet still, the beat goes on, unphased.

“All Night” occasionally transitions from that disco feel into a more EDM style of electronic beats. But, that funky bass never really leaves.

The documentary interruptions are bit of a distraction, especially as this is my fav of the two MVs. At the end, the group seem to acknowledge their history as nine members. As twice they showed footage of all 9 members.

The former 9th member, Jessica will be releasing her 10 year anniversary EP “My Decade” on August 13.

So, now you know my favorite, and why? What’s your fav, and why?

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