Hyoyeon is bringing her dancing queen A-game to Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary comeback with “Holiday Night”! On July 29, Hyoyeon dropped her teaser video where she gives a heartfelt interview, while also throwing down the moves from both the past and the present. [Check out GMM’s coverage of Yoona’s, Tiffany’s, Yuri’s, Sooyoung’s, and Seohyun’s “Holiday Night” clips here.]

Watch Hyoyeon’s “Holiday Night” teaser clip now:

In her teaser clip for “Holiday Night”, Girls’ Generation’s 6th studio album that also celebrates the legendary girl group’s 10th anniversary, lead dancer Hyoyeon starts things off by bringing out the moves on a very vibrant-looking dance set. The full music videos for the double lead singles “Holiday” and “All Night” are already looking to be a huge treat, and we can’t wait for them to drop next week on August 7.

Hyoyeon then candidly speaks her mind about the past 10 years with Girls’ Generation, sharing that everything went by so fast and how she wished she took more time out to enjoy all of the precious moments more deeply back then. The interview is also interspersed with clips of Hyoyeon dancing her heart out on the concert stage, and signing albums at fanmeets. Hyoyeon’s “Holiday Night” clip wraps up back to the beginning, with her continuing to demonstrate her latest moves on the glamorous looking dance set.

Check out Hyoyeon’s sleek “Holiday Night” image teasers here:

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