Seohyun just added to the hype of Girls’ Generation’s long-awaited comeback next week! On August 1, Seohyun unveiled her own teaser clip for “Holiday Night”, Girls’ Generation’s sixth Korean album that also celebrates the legendary girl group’s 10th anniversary.

In the video, Seohyun dances more slowly and smoothly nowadays, compared to her intense and energetic dance moves during Girls’ Generation’s rookie days. [Check out GMM’s coverage of Yoona’s, Tiffany’s, Yuri’s, Hyoyeon’s, and Sooyoung’s “Holiday Night” clips here.]

Watch Seohyun’s new teaser video for “Holiday Night” now:

Seohyun dances and shakes steadily to the beat, with grace and poise, in her “Holiday Night” teaser clip. Seohyun also takes some time out for an interview, where she reflects on the time since Girls’ Generation’s debut on August 5, 2007, up to the present day. She tells everyone all about how much love she’s received as the maknae (the youngest member, read as [mang-neh]), and how she’s taken it upon herself to represent Girls’ Generation.

Seohyun’s definitely grown both as an artist and as a person, and as Girls’ Generation’s youngest member and as a solo artist. Seohyun’s got that young, bubbly, and happy aura, whether it’s today in “Holiday Night”, or back then in “Into the New World” and “Gee”.

Check out Seohyun’s glamorous “Holiday Night” teaser photos here:

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