Girls’ Generation just dropped the music video teaser for “Holiday”, the first single off the top girl group’s upcoming sixth album “Holiday Night” that also celebrates their 10th anniversary. The full music video for “Holiday” comes out tomorrow on August 4.

The “Holiday” teaser video opens up with a Holiday sign on the hills just like in Hollywood. Color bars then open up to Girls’ Generation dancing on the boardwalk, with the refreshing palm trees and the ocean behind them. Girls’ Generation are decked out in colorful yet simple tops and skirts, with silver and black boots to complete their vibrant retro outfit.

The “Holiday” teaser then closes on a really high note with stage curtains wrapping things up. We can’t wait for Girls’ Generation to drop the full “Holiday” video tomorrow. Also, the teaser video for their second single, “All Night”.

Watch Girls’ Generation’s first music video teaser for “Holiday” now:

Girls’ Generation

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