Girls’ Generation expressed love for their fans in “That Summer (0805)” music video released on August 5, KST.

Girls’ Generation has come a long way since their debut in the summer of 2007. Young girls full of bright energy and innocence have evolved into beautiful women over the past nine years. Through the song “That Summer (0805),” members of Girls’ Generation reminisce the first time they met their fans and express love and heartfelt thanks for always staying by their side.

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The music video “That Summer (0805)” starts with a glass bottle sailing off into the sea of water containing a message inside. The illustrations in the music video shows the flow of the group’s musical career from their debut, “Into The New World” to the present. Candy land symbolize “Kissing You,” when the each members performed with a giant lollipop in one hand. Genie lamp is a reference to the song, “Tell Me Your Wish.

The bottle travels far ways until it reaches an island. The video features the lyrics to the song, and to me, it looked like Girls’ Generation was writing a heartfelt letter to their fans through the music video. Member Sooyoung wrote the lyrics to “That Summer (0805),” which makes the song even more moving.

Nine beautiful voices come together to celebrate their nine-year anniversary and all of their fans in the pop ballad song, “That Summer (0805).” Enjoy the music video below and share with us if you can spot all of subtle references to their past songs!

Along with a music video, Girls’ Generation released a video message to celebrate their anniversary. You can see eight members of the group to share how they feel about making it in the K-pop scene for an almost a decade-long time.

Check out what Girls’ Generation has to say about their 9th!

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