Sooyoung just upped up the ante for Girls’ Generation next comeback with “Holiday Night”! On July 31, the rising actress and shining star revealed her own teaser video for Girls’ Generation upcoming 10th anniversary album.

In the video, Sooyoung grooves around and has some carefree fun, rocking a mature look, a glamorous dress, and amazing hair. [Check out GMM’s coverage of Yoona’s, Tiffany’s, Yuri’s, Hyoyeon’s, and Seohyun’s “Holiday Night” clips here.]

Watch Sooyoung’s “Holiday Night” teaser clip now:

Her teaser video for “Holiday Night” opens up with Sooyoung decked out in a shiny stylish outfit, with her fantastic hair rolling and flowing just like the waves. Sooyoung also sits down for an interview. Sooyoung simultaneously looks both like a top actress and a young woman at heart, with her polished “Holiday Night” look alternating with her youthful self from the days of “Into the New World”, “Baby Baby”, and “Gee”.

Check out Sooyoung’s classy “Holiday Night” teaser pics here:

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