Sunny just completed Girls’ Generation’s “Holiday Night” teaser clip series on a shining high note! On August 3, Sunny revealed her own “Holiday Night” teaser video, for Girls’ Generation’s sixth Korean album and the record that celebrates the girl group legends’ 10th anniversary.

In the teaser video, Sunny gently swerves to the “Holiday Night” beat and shares her own thoughts on the last 10 years, coupled with some clips from Girls’ Generation’s concerts back in their rookie days. [Check out GMM’s coverage of Yoona’sTiffany’sYuri’sHyoyeon’s, Sooyoung’s, Seohyun’s, and Taeyeon’s “Holiday Night” clips here.]

Watch Sunny’s “Holiday Night” teaser video now:

In her “Holiday Night” teaser video, Sunny looks real relaxed as she grooves along to the music, beaming a big radiant smile that perfectly matches her chosen stage name. The Energy Source of Girls’ Generation also sat down for an interview, where she put the spotlight on their performances as rookies back in the day.

Sunny shared that their concerts were so hectic it got them feeling tense in the beginning, but over time they grew to enjoy both their performances and all the hard work involved. While Sunny candidly speaks her mind, the teaser video shows clips of Girls’ Generation bubbling with energy and going up on stage with smiling faces, to perform “Into the New World” and “Gee”.

Check out Sunny’s dazzling “Holiday Night” teaser photos now:

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