The conventional plot of boy-meets-girl love story is reversed in Girls’ Generation’s leader Taeyeon’s new music video for “Starlight”. Instead, it’s girl-meets-boy for Taeyeon and she makes the first move herself.

Today, SM Entertainment released Taeyeon’s song, “Starlight”, from her upcoming 2nd mini album “Why”. Taeyeon’s medium tempo pop song features another musician, DEAN. In the music video, Taeyeon and DEAN play an adorable couple.

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In the music video. Taeyeon is a free-spirited, independent girl who runs into DEAN. A few moments in, she playfully grabs him and the two run away. For the rest of the video, the two are featured as a couple who are totally mesmerized by each other.

The sweet harmony formed by the two vocalists, and the lovely lyrics expressing the miraculous attraction between two lovers, accentuate the romantic scenes featured throughout the video.


“Starlight” is a good introductory pre-release before the fans get a full listen of Taeyeon’s upcoming album, which will be released next week on June 28. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Taeyeon’s comeback!


Watch Taeyeon’s new video with Dean for “Starlight” here:


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