Simona Green is a young 17 year old studying music at a Performances Arts School but she’s not your typical teenager.  Simona with new up-and-coming Indie artist under SweetSounds music.  Here’s the bio provided on the companies website:

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“Simona Green is a 17 year old singer-songwriter currently residing and studying at a Performing Arts school in New York City. Growing up, Simona wanted to become a chef or a professional golfer, but everything changed and fell into place for her when she received a keyboard from her mom for Christmas. Soon after, she began writing songs, singing at school talent shows, and posting videos on YouTube and found herself recording at SweetSounds Studio.

Her voice described as being “completely fresh, yet charmingly familiar to the pop world” and her music described as bringing “creatively adept hits in waiting steeped in passion and emotional maturity” by UK blog When the Gramophone Rings.”

KALEIDOSCOPE album cover verson two

Her first single “Loving You” is known as a “stunningly gorgeous” track and her voice  sultry soulful sound of Elle Varner and mysterious enigma of Lorde.  But comparing her to these artists doesn’t give her voice justice, her voice has a very clean cut and jazzy sound that makes her a unique wonder in the music industry.  Her voice brings something fresh to the pop world/ R&B scene.  Her new track, “Kaleidoscope” has a smooth as whisky vocals and soulful R&B touches with haunting qualities that pulls you into the song.  For being only 17 years old, her voice is as mature as seasoned singers on the R&B/Indie scene right now.  If you want more, check out her other video, “Time Will Tell.”  You can also check out her singer-song writer skills on her personal Youtube channel where she wrote three original tracks when she was only 16 years old.  If she keeps this up she’ll be a stable in the music world.