The Got7 First Fan Meet tour starts a week from tomorrow, May 6 in San Francisco, then on to Chicago on May 8th and finally in Dallas on May 10.

Just this past week on April 25, Got7 stopped by Singapore, and we got a preview of the exciting times to come for their U.S.A fans. Get ready for lots of music, games, and trivia. Make sure you know all about Got7 before you go, because it could pay off in a big way.
Got7 Singapore

Here’s a very excited fan’s account of the event:

Oh my goodness. I am having withdrawal from GOT7. Like after the fanmeet, I can’t remember anything apart from the fact that I WAS FREAKING ON STAGE PLAYING A GAME WITH THEM!! Last night was the best night of my life. Too much feels raging in me.

  • I got to see GOT7 freaking live.
  • I heard them sing live.
  • I got a signed poster.
  • I held Youngjae’s hand
  • I talked to Jackson
  • AND MARK, don’t get me started on that.
  • I got a solo shot with all 7 of them
  • I saw Mark and Jackson fly LIVE.

It’s too much for me to take.


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And just yesterday, Jazzy USA released on its Facebook, the Faq list to help fans have a smooth time at the fan meets.

Got7 Faq Jazzy

1) I wanna get the best view to see my boys, can I queue up at overnight? (Applicable to Chicago fanmeeting only)
We discourage fans from queueing overnight. Just a gentle reminder, we cannot be responsible for your personal safety while queueing up overnight.

2) I’m a JAZZY SUPERSTAR MEMBERSHIP subscriber, do I get any benefits for queues?
Yes, as subscribers of JAZZY SUPERSTAR MEMBERSHIP, a special Priority Lane will be opened for you to enter the venue earlier.

3) What other activities can I look forward to that’ll be happening before the fanmeeting?
Our Official Sponsor YesStyle will be setting up booths outside the venues, so do come down and check out the fun activities which they have prepared for you.

4) Is photography allowed during the show?
Strictly no DSLR and tablets photography and videography are allowed during the show. Photography and videography by the means of normal compact cameras and cellphones are permitted.

5) Can we bring in fanboards to support our favourite boys?
To ensure that all attendees would be able to enjoy the show fairly without block of objects at sight, we discouraged you from bringing over-sized fanboards and banners into the venue.

6) I have prepared gifts for the boys! Can I pass it to them?
Yes, you are more than welcome to drop off your gifts for GOT7. There will be boxes assigned at a designated area. It is open for all ticket holders.

7) Can I throw my gifts on the stage for them?
We would discourage anyone from throwing stuff onto the stage because it may unintentionally become a hazard for them when they are performing.

8) How about giving it to them directly when I’m on-stage for hi-touch?
Kindly be informed that on-stage gifts dedication are disallowed at all times unless authorized.

9) What about asking for a selfie?
Kindly be informed that selfie requests are strictly prohibited at all times while onstage.

10) All first 100 VIP ticket purchasers entitle pre-signed posters right?
Yes, all first 100 VIP ticket purchasers who had purchased your tickets from us would entitle pre-signed posters.

11) VVIP ticket purchasers entitle hi-touch sessions right?
Yes, VVIP ticket purchasers will be entitled hi-touch sessions. However, unfortunately VVIP ticket purchasers who was selected for photo-opportunity sessions will not be able to attend hi-touch sessions due to time constraints issue.

12) What if I won my VVIP/VIP tickets through contests, am I entitle hi-touch passes/pre-signed posters too?
Kindly be informed that only VVIP/VIP tickets purchased via ticket sales would entitle hi-touch passes/pre-signed posters. VVIP/VIP tickets obtained by means of contest does not include hi-touch passes/pre-signed posters.

13) How can I redeem my hi-touch/photo-opportunity passes?
Hi-touch/photo opportunity passes can be collected at our redemption booth at the venue on the show day. Kindly present your ID/driving license/passport (either one) along with your E-confirmation letter and notification letter to redeem your passes.

Winners who previously chose to redeem your passes by way of showing your notification letter can also make your collection at our redemption booths.

Winners who won the passes by means of ownership transfer from friends/parents can collect your passes by presenting your ID/driving license/passport (either one) along with your E-confirmation letter, notification letter as well as authorization letter from your friend.

14) How can I redeem my pre-signed posters/hi-touch passes and free posters?
Hi-touch passes/pre-signed posters can be collected at our redemption booth at the venue on the showcase day. Kindly present your ID/driving license/passport (either one) along with your proof of payment to redeem your passes.

15) May I know when will hi-touch/photo-opportunity sessions be held?
Hi-touch sessions will be held immediately right after the end of the showcase. Photo opportunity sessions will be held right after the hi-touch sessions.

16) I am a foreign fan going straight for the venue from the airport; can I bring my luggage into the venue?
Please note that the venue does not have any designated areas for you to deposit your luggage, suitcases or any prohibited items. No luggage, suitcases or baggage are allowed in the venue. Just a gentle note that we cannot be responsible for your belongings.

17) Can I bring food and drinks into the venue?
No outside food and drinks are allowed in the venue.

18) If I need to leave the venue after being admitted, can I still re-enter?
Yes, you may re-enter the venue after exiting, however please be assured that you have your tickets with you at all times should you need to exit the venue.

19) Do I not require a ticket to enter the venue as long as I have a hi-touch passes?
No, please note that both hi-touch passes and show tickets will be required to gain entry into the venue. Please do note that Jazzy Group US reserves the right to deny entry to people who had lost their tickets.

20) Is there any GOT7 merchandise which I could purchase?
Unfortunately there would not be any GOT7 merchandise could be purchased on the spot during this fanmeeting.

21) I have pre-ordered my merchandise through the online pre-sale order system previously, where and when can I collect my merchandise?
Collection of merchandise bought through our online booking system can be made from 6.30pm, at the Merchandise Redemption Booth. Please remember to have your booking form and proof of payment ready along with your ID when you collect your tickets.

22) Is there a way that I could sign up for my JAZZY SUPERSTAR MEMBERSHIP card at the venues itself?
Yes, you may register for our JAZZY SUPERSTAR MEMBERSHIP at specially designated Registration booth at the venue.Upon sign ups, you would also receive a free mystery gift too!

23) I didn’t manage to buy a ticket online, will I be able to purchase it on venue day itself?
Yes, tickets will be available for on the spot purchases at the venues’ box offices until the start of the fanmeeting while stock lasts.

Got7 - Jazzy - Giveaway
Finally, Jazzy USA is doing a special giveaway on their Facebook page which ends on May 1st, 2015. Here are the details:

Come and Get It!!
All you have to do is very simple.
Simply tell us your full name and which show are you attending to, followed by I LOVE GOT7 ‪#‎JazzyGOT7‬ on the comment box below.
You will stand a chance to win SOMETHING SURPRISING PERSONALLY FROM GOT7!!
Eg: I’m “Wang Jackson” (your full name), I’m attending GOT7’s fanmeeting at San Francisco, I LOVE GOT7 #JazzyGot7!!!!
Isn’t this awesome?!
Hurry, contest ends on 10 a.m. CST this May 1st.
Good luck!!


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