GOT7-2-Just Right - cover

GOT7 is back with ‘Just Right’- the first single off their new mini album –  and it is a super cute love letter to all the young girls plagued with body image woes and worries.

The MV opens with a bespectacled pre-teen lass sitting at her vanity, and working her cheeks over with a face massager. But to her emotional rescue come a cadre Smurf-sized boy band suitors with a message, tune, and choreography that really are all together “just right.’

But keep an eye out at the 2:50 mark for some slightly PG-13 fanservice! THAT was a surprise, given the overall twee tone of the video. (99% Hook Those K-Pop Fans Early, 1% We See You There Noonas *wink*)

Anyway – think back ladies, on what it’s like to be a 12 year old girl, and take a look at the lyrics (in the CC button) — and I dare you not feel a little pang in your heart.


And it looks like their mini album promotions are up and running!