GOT7’s back! On March 13, GOT7 dropped their music video for “Never Ever”. GOT7 also released their sixth EP “Flight Log: Arrival” wrapping up the “Flight Log” trilogy that the JYP boy group began last year.

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GOT7 are on a mission, to save fellow member Jinyoung’s life before time runs out, in the music video for “Never Ever”. GOT7 are in a rush, and search for their fellow member as fast they can. GOT7 are split and each member is on their own, though, and every one of them try lots of seemingly random ways to reach Jinyoung before it’s too late. “Never Ever” completes the “Flight Log” trilogy story, that began with “Fly” last March 2016 and continued with “Hard Carry” last September.

Watch GOT7’s music video for “Never Ever” now:

GOT7 made their last two comebacks with the first two parts of their “Flight Log” trinity. Part 1, “Flight Log: Departure”, featured “Fly” as its lead single – in the video, GOT7 go on a road trip, and end up flying all over the place after gaining special powers. Next up was Part 2, “Flight Log: Turbulence”, which had “Hard Carry” as the title track. In the music video, GOT7 demonstrated one of their most powerful dance routines yet – in front of the wreckage of their crashed plane that they exited from just in time.

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