Over the past week, you might have noticed “#grime4corbyn” plastered all over the internet. It all started last Sunday when JME made a surprise appearance on Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn’s, Snapchat. His words exactly were, “It’s JME on Jeremy’s Snapchat and I’m here right now to tell you to register to vote!” We’d be wrong to not give you the opportunity, so go ahead and do it here (if you’re eligible). Don’t worry though, we’re not here to get you to vote one particular way or another. Just sit back and listen because we think it’s pretty cool this whole thing is happening.

UK emcees – the likes of Stormzy and Novelist as well as (obviously) JME and also AJ Tracey – have been proudly outspoken with their support of Corbyn and his values. It’s insane. What’s really cool though is that none of them are even trying to convince people to agree. They speak out their views and just encourage everyone to vote.

More recently, a campaign group made Grime4Corbyn.com. It’s pretty much what could push this whole thing to meme-status. Somebody even made Corbyn Riddim. It’s an admittedly dope instrumental layered over one of his speeches. Play it and tell me you didn’t at least nod your head a bit.

Let us know what you think of all this and register to vote! #Grime4Corbyn