You gotta listen to this, word for word, to fully appreciate it. Heck, you may have to play it back a few times, like yours truly. Anyways, this new freestyle from grime rapper out of Croydon, GT Solo, borders on lyrical sorcery. His ability to mix and match words, and leave an imprint, is stellar. Speaking of which, Croydon seems to be a little incubator of grime talent. Stormzy is also out of Croydon.

gt solo freestyle

GT Solo released his first solo CD, “Tape Pack vol.1,” back in 2008. Then followed it up in 2009 with “Tape Pack vol.2.” It wasn’t until 2010, GT Solo released his first debut music video for the track “Best Out Ya Speakers.”

2011 saw the release of GT Solo’s 3rd mixtape called “Grinding Sessions.” And, then in 2013 and 2014, he released the part 1 and part 2, respectively, of “Day Dreaming,” each an EP.

At last mention, GT Solo is working on an another EP for release in 2016.

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