Filled with electronic synths and rippling beats that go thump-thump-thump, the Grime Producer Darq E Freaker has released his latest compilation: an EP called ADHD.

Darq E Freaker Grime 3

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The South London based producer, who has worked with UK heavies like Tempa T, told Dazed,

“ADHD is an imagined experience based around incidences of reaction, both artificial and natural,” Darq E Freaker tells Dazed, “Amongst other things, this is a trip of recent sonic exploration into realms of nostalgia. This is the first time I’ve had to extensively speak about a project. At times, discussions have been overwhelming for me as I am the oxymoron of an extrovert introvert. I’d like to think that my musical presence is felt before my words. That said, I’m excited to see reactions to this project.”

If you can catch it, Darq E Freaker will be in New York City on March 31 (today).

Darq E Freaker Grime

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