East London, back in the day, was not for the faint of heart to grow up in. And Jammz, who’s from Hackney, has channeled that ferocity of those ends into his new mixtape called “Underdog Season.”

‘Welcome to East London… where guys get lost in the haze of a maze… is the ending of the fourth track in the mixtape called “Round Er.”

jammz - underdog season 5

Jammz has been in the game full-time since 2009, and has previously released 4 mixtapes, “What’s The Latest“, “I Am Grime“, “I Am Grime – The Myth Edition” and “I Am Grime 3.0.” Underdog Season is Jammz’s 5th mixtape.

In an interview with FabricLondon.com, Kammz said

“… I just take inspiration from my surroundings and where I live, I don’t think there’s any other way I’d be able to tell my story in the realest possible way. As a good friend of mine always says – tell it like it is, don’t sugarcoat.”

Caution: occasional f-word

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