As new fans become accustomed to listening to a wide array of grime artists, one thing will be noticeably similar between each. That is, their use of slang or grime terms. These words and phrases would not be a part of everyday speech for most, particularly those from outside of London. Below is a short list of some of the most common:

Allow it – Stop doing what you’re doing

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Mandem – Group of males

Girldem – Group of females

Merk/Slew – When someone is shown up/ruined

Gassed/Hyped – Excited

Safe/Bless – Confirming that something is good/ok

Bare – A lot of

Peng – A good looking girl

Wasteman – Someone who contributes nothing/ a waste

Skeng – A gun/ knife/ weapon of some sort

Innit – Isn’t it

Gash – Females

Blud – Greeting E.g. ‘What’s up blud?’

Peak – Referring to something as negative/ bad

On man’s ones – To be by yourself

Ends – Hometown

Creps – Shoes

Referring to oneself as man. E.g. ‘Man don’t care about all that’ – I don’t care about it

These are just a few of the many unusual words and phrases one is likely to come across during their time spent listening to grime, but should help non-London natives to get a better grasp of exactly what the artists are attempting to put across to the listener when utilising them.

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