Girl group Fiestar’s member and hip-pop warrior Yezi confirmed the news of her comeback with a solo album.

On August 1, KST Yezi’s agency posted an image teaser with words reading “Yezi X WHO?” The official comeback date is set for September 8. It seems like Yezi will be collaborating with another artist, but there is not a single hint on who her partner could be.

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In the revealed image teaser, there is a woman wit her face covered in a blotch of colors and the title of the album, “Drag Around.”

Yezi showed great potential as a hip-pop artist in the show, “Unpretty Rapstar 2.” Her candid attitude and amazing rap skills surprised many and gained her more popularity as a musician. She released her first solo album “Foresight Dream” earlier this year, showing off her chic charisma as a solo artist.

Yezi seems to have the refreshing cuteness of a girl group idol and also the unique charisma as a solo artist. I look forward for the unveiling of her upcoming album. On September 5, you will be able to find out who her collaboration partner will be.

Do you have any guesses? Share with us in your comments!

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