gugudan are making a comeback soon! gugudan released the second music video teaser for “A Girl Like Me” today, following the first one and the album preview for second EP “Act.2 Narcissus”.


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gugudan show several sneak peaks of the next chapter of their story in the MV teasers for “A Girl Like Me”. This time, it looks like gugudan are going straight for the playfully cute yet simultaneously glamorous concept. Next week will be the start of gugudan’s second round of promotions, following their youthful and energetic “Wonderland” debut. It’s a very interesting direction for the rookie girl group to take, as they find their own touch and unique color in the scene.

Check out gugudan’s MV teasers for “A Girl Like Me” now:

gugudan are Jellyfish’s first ever girl group and the sister group of VIXX. The rookie girl group made their debut last summer, with their first EP “Act.1 The Little Mermaid” and lead single “Wonderland”. gugudan went all out with a cute and fantasy concept, acting for a play in their very own “Gugudan Theater” and pulling off complicated choreography that reflected a little of VIXX’s influence in the dance moves department.

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