Sejeong, the amazing lead vocalist of two girls groups – gugudan and I.O.I – has finally come through with the solo song that fans had waited for. On November 23, Sejeong dropped the music video for “Flower Road”. The song and video are about Sejeong’s relationship with her mother when she was a child, and her looking back on those times as an adult.


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The music video for “Flower Road” was very simple, but still goes deep and emotional – alternating between a split-screen and full view to highlight every scene for a more powerful effect. Sejeong the young adult looks back on the times of her childhood – when her mother used to help her with everything, and how times have changed as she grew up.

Sejeong’s song “Flower Road” was produced alongside Block B’s Zico, who wrote the lyrics for the song. Zico was moved after hearing Sejeong’s story of her upbringing and childhood, when she recounted it in the June 29 episode of KBS variety show “Talents for Sale” – and later collab’ed with Sejeong to make the production happen.


Sejeong first debuted as a member of I.O.I last May, with “Dream Girls” – following her successfully closing Mnet’s show “Produce 101” alongside 10 other finalists. Later in June, Jellyfish temporarily withdrew Sejeong from I.O.I – for her to focus on her “Wonderland” debut with the agency’s first ever girl group, gugudan.


Watch Sejeong’s first ever solo MV for “Flower Road” here:


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