Gugudan’s Kim Se Jung showed off her charming visuals for ‘Ceci!’

Kim Se Jung who is known for having a cute baby face recently had a pictorial with ‘Ceci.’ The idol had a glittery make up for the photoshoot and she totally rocked it!

A rep from the photoshoot talked about the idol’s nervousness during the event. The reason behind it is because her solo song “Flower Road” was released just a few hours ago before the pictorial.

Who would’ve thought that she’s worried during the photoshoot when she definitely looked so cuddly and pretty in the pictures!

Kim Se Jung

Gugudan made their debut on June 28 with album Act. 1 The Little Mermaid with “Wonderland” as the title track. Their debut centered around the “mermaid” concept.

The group consists of 9 members in which 3 of them are from the reality program “Produce 101” including her.
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