TVXQ released the music videos for Yunho’s “Champagne” and Changmin’s “Rise As One,” on July 20, 2015. The two videos show the contrasting styles of the duo.

Champagne” is an upbeat pop track with a catchy chorus, which features Yunho rapping at the beginning. “Rise as One“, is a mellow track which starts out as acoustic and transitions into EDM beats, while Changmin works the track with his vocals.


With Yunho enlisting in the military today, it seems SM Entertainment is trying to send a message that for the foreseeable future Yunho and Changmin will be operating as solo artists. This would mean that Changmin will continue to make and release music as Yunho does his time, and then Yunho will be making and releasing music when it’s Changmin’s turn to serve.
“Champagne” and “Rise As One” are both from TVXQ’s latest album “Rise As God”
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