Singer Heize unveiled the music video for her new song “And July” featuring DEAN and DJ Friz on July 17.

This is the second time DEAN is featuring in Heize’s music. The two have previously shown natural chemistry with their vocals and visuals in the song “Shut Up & Groove,” Which was released in June.

The music video features Heize and DEAN as friends that are right on the border between friendship and love. They hang out together and play silly pranks on each other constantly. Somewhere between the silly prank battles, you’ll be able to catch the attraction in their eyes.

Heize_Dean_AndJuly3 Heize_Dean_AndJuly4

The song conveys the subtle progression of friendship to a romantic relationship, and the chemistry between Heize and DEAN is just so naturally perfect. Soulful voices of Heize and DEAN create a groovy hip-pop sound, and it’s fun song to listen to.

DEAN produced the song and the lyrics were co-composed by DEAN and Heize.

Check out their music video for “And July” below and share with us what you think.

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