Girl group Hello Venus will be making their long-awaited comeback this week. The group’s upcoming comeback will also mark the celebration of their 4th anniversary since their debut in 2012. Hello Venus will release a new single titled “Glow” next week on May 10, midday Korea local time, and will be joining Oh My Girl, Laboum, Twice, Lovelyz, and April as the girl groups participating in the K-pop spring comeback battle.




Hello Venus’ upcoming song is a collaboration between the girl group and the composer team Devine Channel. Devine Channel have produced several songs for other K-pop groups, mostly B-side tracks, like “El Dorado” and “Baby Don’t Cry” for EXO, “Whisper” for Girls’ Generation-TTS, “Stranger” for f(x), “Be Ambitious” for Dal Shabet, “Pop Star” for Kara, “French Kiss” for Hyuna, and more. Devine Channel’s latest popular musical work is BTS’ song “Fire”.




Hello Venus debuted in 2012 as a joint project between Pledis Entertainment and Fantagio Music. The original lineup released their first song “Venus”, and made two comebacks with “What Are You Doing Today?” and “Would You Stay for Tea?”. In 2014, after a management dispute over the group, Pledis withdrew Yoo Ara and Shin Yoonjo from the group. Hello Venus was reorganized under Fantagio and two new members, Seoyeong and Yeoreum, were added, and the new lineup have since released “Sticky Sticky”, “Wiggle Wiggle”, and “I’m Ill”.


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