Summer couldn’t have opened up in a more fun way than with KCON 2017 NY making a splash and bringing K-pop fans, K-pop stars, and personalities from both the Korean and international scenes together for an awesome and action-packed two-day culture convention and musical festival.

While KCON NY 2017 was packed with rookie groups, this didn’t tone down the party one bit as the younger groups gave their all, as part of the KCON NY stop’s record lineup of 9 artists all in all. In addition to the 6 rookie artists present at the concerts and festival, KCON did get some veterans in the house, making the day of fans who’ve been in the scene for longer, and who’ve always wanted to see the spark of the older generation of K-pop groups live and up close.

Highlight was one of the veteran groups who flew all the way to the New York metro to meet the fans, who also made a long journey of their own to see their favorite stars. KCON 2017 NY is one of the first big international events for Highlight, continuing the impressive record of international performances and concerts of Beast since their original debut in 2009.

YouTube actor and personality Danny Lim was the host for the KCON Red Carpet event. He didn’t miss out on highlighting Highlight’s close connection to their fans all over the world, and particularly the fans who traveled all the way to the New York venue to see them for real. Danny asked Highlight if they were excited to finally meet their international fans, and asked about their choice of outfits for the Red Carpet. Highlight rolled with a wide variety of shirts and jackets, while sporting the same stylish pairs of black pants.

Highlight was formed by the five members of Beast who departed Cube Entertainment last year: Doojoon, Junhyung, Yoseob, Gikwang, and Dongwoon. Former Beast member Hyunseung opted to stay on with Cube.

Highlight were formed by five members of Cube’s biggest boy band, Beast. After parting ways with their label of 7 years last December, Doojoon, Junhyung, Yoseob, Gikwang, and Dongwoon reformed as Highlight under their new agency Around US Entertainment. Highlight made their re-debut last March with their first EP “Can You Feel It?”, continuing the more mature concept they began as Beast, and made their first comeback last May with their EP repackage “Calling You”.

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