Now that the introductions are out of the way, real competition awaits the ten rappers to claim a solo track in the Mnet hip-pop reality show, “Unpretty Rapstar 3.”

On August 5, KST episode 2 of “Unpretty Rapstar 3” aired. The mission of this episode was to divide three songs among three teams. After each team performs their song, the winning team will be determined by a vote by the audience. Only one member out of the winning team will get to claim the honorable second track.

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Giant Pink chose Nada and Yuk Jidam for her team. Jeon Soyeon picked Miyro and Ha Joo Yeon. Euna Kim and Kassy became teammates with Grace. That left Janey without a team, but she eventually joined in with Giant Pink, Nada, and Yuk Jidam.

All three performances were of quality, but the team Giant Pink’s team won the most votes, giving them the opportunity to compete for a solo track. Miyro was chosen by producer Gil from the second placed team to compete as well.

Unpretty Rapstar3

After a fierce competition among Giant Pink, Miryo, Yuk Jidam, and Nada, producer Gil chose Yuk Jidam. She will be the voice behind a hip-pop number produced by Gil titled “Tropical Night.”

Watch: Jidam’s winning performance

The third episode of “Unpretty Rapstar,” heightened the competitive intensity among participants by selecting the first rapper to be eliminated. The competition placed rappers on a one on one battle mission. As a result, Giant Pink was competed against Kassy, Jeonn Soyeon against Ha Joo Yeon, Yuk Ji Dam with Grace, Janey with Euna Kim, and Miyro with Nada. It was easy to predict the outcome of some battles, especially the one between Kassy and Giant Pink. Kassy’s constant mistakes and unstable flow did not hold up strong against Giant Pink’s smooth flow and clear delivery.

Gaint Pink vs. Kassy Rap Battle:

Grace vs. Yuk Jidam Rap Battle:

Jeon Soyeon vs. Ha Joo Yeon Rap Battle:

Miyro vs. Nada Rap Battle:

Janey vs. Euna Kim:

Giant Pink, Jeon Soyeon, Yuk Jidam, Euna Kim, and Miyro came out victorious while others Kassy, Grace, and Nada stepped closer to elimination. Through battles among the elimination nominees, Kassy lost her battle to Grace and was eliminated.

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